When in doubt, code it out

We are a group of developers that focuses on fun-to-code projects.

Athanasios Grammatopoulos
Thanos is a electronics engineer with a specialization in cyber security. His strong computer engineering academic background combined with his advance coding skills enhance his cyber security expertise. He focuses on code efficiency, quality, structure and over all security.
Apostolos Grammatopoulos
Apostolos is a structural engineer working on the bridges sector. He has more than ten years of coding experience and project development management. His coding skills are daily used to improve engineering task through Finite Elements modeling and computational engineering.
Web development
Web apps with PHP, SQL, Javascript, HTML and CSS
Browser extensions
Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, IE
Android applications
Android Studio with Java
Linux applications
Shell and C/C++
Windows applications
Visual Studio with VB, VBA on Excel, C and Java
Script code
Javascript on NodeJS, Python
Visual coding and 3D/FE modeling
Rhino with Grasshopper, Revit with Dynamo